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Register a yacht

We help you to register your yacht.

There are various ways of registering for what you would like or what is prescribed by law and regulations depending on the country.

Registering a yacht as a person or a company depends not only on the type of use of the yacht, we are happy to advise you.

Requirements to register

If you want to register a used ship you need documents

  • A purchase contract or a bill of sale
  • A proof of ownership of the seller
  • The registration of the seller
  • A liability insurance
  • Name of the ship
  • ID of the buyer / company entry
  • Dimensions of the ship (in serial yachts is usually used by the manufacturer)
  • National requirements (eg CE certification in the EU)
  • HIN (Hull Identification Number) Most ships have such a number

Depending on the country, deviations from the listed points may also arise.

Types of registration

There are several types of registration. On the one hand, the size of the ship is decisive and then it varies depending on the country. Not all countries have all types of registration feasible. The costs also differ significantly.

  • Register about a club
  • Register only for small recreational vessels
  • Register comparable to a commercial register, mostly known as SSR

In which country register

If you want to register your new ship you should first consider registering your country of residence. This is usually easier than in another foreign country. There is also, as in the EU area, the option that EU citizens in all EU countries can register their ships.

A selection of possible countries

  • Belgium
  • United States
  • Great Britain
  • St Vincent and Grenadines
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • British Virgins BVI
  • Marshal Islands
  • Panama

Different countries - different specifications

  • In some countries, prior to registration an opinion is required, which the ship's owner must create and attach to the application.
  • Mostly the ship must have a liability insurance and this must be stated.
  • Pictures of the ship should be taken, three pieces, one from aft, and both sides from the front. In the pictures the name and the home port should be recognizable.
  • The home port. In some countries, the possible ports are specified, in other countries, there are places that are approachable by ship. In some, almost every major city can be used as a home port.
  • Some countries only register ships that are not older than 20 years, for example.