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Sell my boat

You want to sell your yacht?

We gladly take over the sale of your yacht. Once you have decided to sell your yacht this should happen as quickly as possible. The yacht should not be left on land or in the water for a long time. Every yacht owner knows that the yacht does not get better by standing for a long time and only causes unnecessary costs. That's why it's important to find the right price. This also depends crucially on the equipment and condition of the yacht. Important is also everything that is installed on the yacht should also work. For the sale we need honest information about the ship. We have a sales list which we would like to send you and have filled out by you. Important additional information is also which parts were changed when and what repairs were made.

  • Are repairs in the near future?
  • Is there any damage to the ship?
  • Many prospective buyers would also like to know how many previous owners had the yacht, where was sailed?
  • Was the yacht used in the charter business?

Above all, current meaningful images are important. Anyone interested in buying would like to see how the yacht looks right now and not how it looked five or ten years ago. Most of the prospective buyers have questions that we send you to answer. The prospective buyer should have all the information about the yacht before embarking on a costly and time-consuming journey.

For sale, we need a copy of the current registration, if VAT is also paid the proof.
When we have received everything we list the yacht in our websites and other websites worldwide. All this costs nothing here. You can also try to sell your yacht during this time. We will only be paid if we have found a buyer for your yacht and after completing all our work and you have received the full purchase price from the buyer.

We make the contract, arrange the visit and handle the entire sale. The process can be different because we work all over the world and are dealing with sellers and buyers.

Do we have a prospective buyer, we organize the visit. Discuss with you and the buyer the purchase and make accordingly a purchase agreement. But not every interested buyer wants to sign a purchase agreement before a personal visit. He risks, however, that the yacht can be sold before his arrival. If a visit is planned at short notice we will speak to you in this case whether you will wait for the customer and will hold the yacht until his arrival.

The sales agreement is usually sent by e-mail and contains the following items:

  • The prospective buyer makes a deposit of 10%. He gets the deposit back if the yacht is not in the condition as described or the appraiser finds big defects. Otherwise, the deposit will be added to the purchase price for a purchase.
  • The yacht can not be sold to any other interested parties until the agreed viewing date.
  • The seller can be sure that the prospective buyer also comes to the appointment on the agreed date and is seriously interested in buying the yacht.
  • That the seller is the sole and legitimate owner and has the right to sell the yacht.
  • The seller is obliged to sell the yacht at the agreed price.
  • Date of purchase.
  • Place and date of delivery.
  • form of payment
  • The buyer has the opportunity to have a report prepared before the purchase. The report belongs to the buyer and the costs are always at the expense of the buyer.
  • The exact condition of the yacht is specified and described.
  • The buyer gets the equipment list from the yacht.
  • The yacht remains insured until the change of ownership at the seller.
  • The yacht will be handed over when the yacht is fully paid.
  • The buyer gets from the seller two originals documents, BOS and deleted registration.
  • The insurance of the yacht remains until the handover.
  • With the transfer of the yacht, the buyer gets all the papers from the yacht.

After the transfer of the yacht, all the costs and costs of the yacht are transferred to the new owner.

If you want our help or have further questions you can send us an email.